When you buy a Ticket to travel on train services on the Ffestiniog Railway or the Welsh Highland Railway you enter into a legally binding contract with The Festiniog Railway Company.  These Conditions of Travel set out the rights and obligations of both passengers and The Festiniog Railway Company.  Copies of these Conditions are available at staffed stations on the Ffestiniog or the Welsh Highland Railways.  Requests for a copy of the Conditions should be addressed to the General Manager at The Festiniog Railway Company, Porthmadog Gwynedd LL49 9NF.

These Conditions apply to travel on the Ffestiniog Railway and the Welsh Highland Railway and are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

We have tried to make the Conditions as simple and easy to understand as possible.  However, as they are a legally binding contract between The Festiniog Railway Company and passengers, we sometimes have to use legal expressions.  To make the Conditions easier to understand, we use some words in capital letters, which are defined in section 7, and, where appropriate, we provide some explanation of certain legal expressions.

When you are at stations, on train services or other facilities on the Ffestiniog Railway you are also subject to The Festiniog Railway Byelaws.  A copy of these can be viewed only at Porthmadog station ticket office.  Requests for a copy of The Festiniog Railway Byelaws should be addressed to the General Manager at The Festiniog Railway Company, Porthmadog Gwynedd LL49 9NF.The Festiniog Railway Company Byelaws are listed and attached at Schedule A.

Please note that no member of the The Festiniog Railway Company staff, whether employed or a volunteer, has the authority to waive or change the Conditions of Travel.

For details of your rights under these Conditions please refer to the Conditions below.  You are also able to rely on statutory rights.  For example, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 provides consumers with various rights, e.g., rights where a service is not performed with reasonable care and skill. For information regarding your rights when you are travelling as a consumer, including under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, see


FRC means The Festiniog Railway Company

Fare Table means the table of fares published by FRC.

Gala means dates specified as such in the Timetable when additional services and/or guest locomotives are scheduled to operate.

Group(s) means 20 or more passengers or a group of 10 disabled passengers travelling together.

Special Events means dates specified as such in the Timetable where additional attractions are provided by FRC or services are hauled by celebrity guest locomotives for which a special event Ticket is required.          

Ticket means an official FRC paper or electronic ticket evidencing authority to travel on FRC train services. Each Ticket is issued subject to the payment of the relevant published fare, these general terms and conditions and FRC Byelaws if applicable.  All passengers travelling on FRC train services must be covered by a valid Ticket or other travel permit for their journey. Tickets must not be transferred or resold.  Dated Tickets are only valid for both outward and return journeys on the day of issue or as specified on the face of the Ticket.

Timetable means the scheduled timings for Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland train services as published from time to time and available this website.

Planning your Journey

We will help you plan your journey by making available information on train times, the range of Tickets available to purchase and the stations that you may use to visit local attractions. The FRC website provides extensive information about the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways, together with detailed information as to the local area and its visitor attractions.
Buying your Ticket

Tickets may be purchased online, by telephone or at staffed stations in advance, or, on the day of travel at staffed stations or from the guard of the train.

Certain Tickets entitle passengers to goods and services provided by a third party from time to time (e.g., The Great Little Trains of Wales). Where this is the case, the Ticket also evidences a contract between the passenger and the third party whose own terms and conditions shall apply.

Reserving your seat

When booking your advanced tickets in standard class, you will first choose a two, four, or six-seater bay, then purchase the tickets you require for the people travelling in your group. This entitles you to a suitable space on the train but not a specific seating bay. If you purchase a ticket from the guard or for intermediate travel, you will be advised to travel in the carriage reserved for such travel.

When purchasing first class tickets, you will be allocated specific seats for your party that will be printed on your booking confirmation or receipt.

Timetabled Services

Normal services are operated on a predicted passenger number basis.  Accordingly, FRC shall not be liable for failure to carry a passenger on a normal service train in circumstances where there is insufficient passenger accommodation.

Solo travellers will pay the fare for one person only and should book into a two-seater bay.

One-way tickets may only be booked in advance by telephoning or calling in person at Porthmadog booking office. However, they may be booked at staffed stations or with the guard on the day of travel subject to there being available seats on the train.

FRC is responsible for providing travel for the journey covered by a valid Ticket but if operational problems occur, FRC may arrange alternative travel by road.

FRC may for safety or operational reasons, including delays or disruption to services caused by another operator or for any other causes outside its reasonable control:

a. Suspend or discontinue the issue of Tickets;
b. Dispatch trains from stations before the arrival of connecting services;
c. Withdraw all services from any station;
d. Discontinue the running of trains.

FRC shall then take all reasonable measures to facilitate completion of passengers’ journeys.

Standard Discounts

Ffestiniog Railway Society and Welsh Highland Railway Society members travel in accordance with arrangements agreed from time to time with FRC. This arrangement has been updated for the 2023 season.

Discounts are available for employees of members of the Rail Delivery Group (formerly ATOC), subject to presentation of their National Rail Staff Travel Card. Discounts are also available to Talyllyn Railway Society members.

Group Travel discounts are available from time to time, as agreed with individual Travel Agents.

Assistance dogs travel free. 

Gala and Special Event Fares

Higher fares may be payable for certain journeys during Galas and Special Events. 

Passengers’ Responsibilities

All passengers must:
a. purchase a valid Ticket before boarding the train, or agree to purchase a ticket from the guard before joining the train at unstaffed stations;
b. present their Ticket or booking confirmation at the check in desk when asked by a member of FRC staff;
c. present their receipt or ticket to the guard of the train if requested;
d. use the Ticket in accordance with these terms and conditions.

FRC may refuse access to its trains or premises to anyone who appears to be drunk, disorderly, under the influence of drugs or is behaving in an offensive or abusive manner including the placing of feet upon seats. In that event FRC shall not be liable for any refund or compensation nor for facilitating that person’s completion of their journey.

All passengers must show consideration for all other passengers so that everyone is able to enjoy a heritage travel experience.  No passenger may smoke tobacco or other substance or use an electronic cigarette or similar device.  Anti-social behaviour of any kind will entitle the guard to remove the offending passenger from the train or station. No passenger may place their head out of a railway carriage window. The Ffestiniog Railway and Welsh Highland Railway have very limited clearances and placing your head out of a railway carriage window may prove to be fatal.

Children should not travel on their own on a Ffestiniog or Welsh Highland Railway service until they are deemed mature enough to understand the risks involved with rail travel. We are unable to provide a chaperone service and therefore the Guard may refuse travel to any unaccompanied child under the age of 16 at their discretion.

Refunds and Compensation

The FRC operates heritage locomotives and coaching stock.  Inherent in the delivery of a heritage experience for passengers there is the potential for a degree of delay that would be unacceptable for a modern railway network.  In determining whether or not FRC has exercised reasonable care in the provision of services, due account shall be taken of FRC’s primary purpose being the provision of a safe heritage travel experience for passengers, rather than the conveyance of passengers to a precise Timetable.

If a Ticket is purchased and the passenger is subsequently unable or decides not to travel, then FRC will refund the cost of the Ticket up to 1600 on the day before travel. Anyone wishing to cancel on the day of travel should make their request by telephone to the booking office as soon as possible but a refund is not guaranteed at this time.

If the departure of a scheduled train service on which a passenger intends to travel is delayed by more than 60 minutes or the train is cancelled, unused Tickets may be returned to the FRC Ticket Office, and a full refund will be given.

If a scheduled train service which has commenced its journey is terminated or prevented from completing its journey, then FRC at its complete discretion may offer a refund on terms decided by FRC.

No refund or compensation will be payable in the event that planned steam haulage has to be substituted by diesel (or vice versa).

Refunds and compensation will be paid by the same means as were used to purchase the relevant Ticket, i.e. where a charge or credit card has been used a credit voucher will be issued using the same card. If booked in advance, the refund transaction will be done through our ticket booking system. A cash refund will only be payable if the Ticket price was paid wholly in cash.  Evidence of purchase must be produced as a pre-condition of any refund or compensation.

All claims for refunds must be received by FRC within 14 days of the date of travel.  Failure to do so will result in no compensation being paid.

Access for passengers with disabilities

FRC is committed to ensuring that passengers with restricted mobility enjoy equal access to its services and facilities. However, in circumstances where it is difficult to reconcile adaptations with FRC’s duty to conserve and provide a heritage experience, some services and facilities are currently unavailable to those with restricted mobility.  FRC uses all reasonable endeavours compatible with its statutory objectives to improve access to all services and facilities.

Animals, Luggage Personal Possessions, Bicycles, Pushchairs and Personal Mobility Scooters

Passengers’ hand luggage may be carried without extra charge provided it causes no inconvenience to other passengers.

Dogs may be conveyed subject to payment of the appropriate fare. Assistance dogs travel free. Dogs are not permitted in first class accommodation or in catering vehicles. Dogs must remain on the floor of carriages and are not permitted on seats.   If a dog is so large that it is blocking an aisle, for safety reasons the guard may require the dog to travel in the guard’s van.   Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times throughout the journey and on all FRC property.

Other animals are not permitted on FRC trains unless prior consent is obtained from a member of the Porthmadog ticket office staff.

Bicycles must be conveyed in the guard’s van, or designated vehicle, subject to available space and payment of the appropriate fare.

Small personal mobility scooters must be conveyed, subject to available space, in the guard’s van, or designated vehicle.  There is no charge for the conveyance of small mobility scooters. A small personal mobility scooter is electrically powered not exceeding 110cm length, 90cm height, 55cm width.

Petrol or diesel-powered vehicles such as motorcycles and quad bikes cannot be conveyed under any circumstances.

Firearms, dangerous goods, inflammable liquids or explosives cannot be conveyed under any circumstances.

Limitation of Liability

FRC does not exclude or limit liability to passengers for death or personal injury resulting from FRC’s negligence.

In addition to any limitations specified in these General Conditions FRC shall not be liable to passengers for any indirect or consequential loss however caused.

FRC shall not be responsible for a third-party company’s failure to provide goods or services.

FRC shall not be liable for any loss or damage to luggage, articles, animals or cycles on its trains or on its premises.

Schedule A

The Festiniog Railway Company Byelaws:
a. Byelaws Rules and Regulations. 15 May 1865
b. Byelaws Orders and Regulations 18 September 1867
c. Additional Authorised Byelaws 15 January 1868
d. Byelaws.1871
e. Byelaws and Regulations. 1874
f.  Amended Byelaws. 18 August 1875
g. Byelaws 9 June 1876
h. Byelaws (explosives) 10 January 1877
i.  Byelaws 26 August 1878
j.  Byelaws and Regulations October 1905.