Help us safeguard the past for the future!
We have been quite overwhelmed by messages of support over recent days and weeks...

Many volunteers and supporters have asked what can be done to support the railway, apart from the appeal. Well, we’ve got a cunning plan to bring everyone together to take part in something extremely useful – from the comfort of their own home.

Please take a look at the following video then read more about this exciting project below…

One task really stands out as something that can be done by anyone, regardless of their location (worldwide!). Please can we ask for your help to develop our photo archive at

Several years ago the decision was taken to digitise the FR Company’s photo collection and upload to the public website above. Over the intervening years the collection has grown steadily so that several thousand photographs are online and there are many tens of thousands (and even some film) ready to add in due course. The initial upload was done intentionally quickly to get the collection available to everyone. However, the cataloguing of the subjects, date, location, people etc. in the photographs needs some attention – and this is where our hugely knowledgeable supporters can help.

Every day we will upload a few photographs to our Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways Insider page on Facebook  and ask for your help in certain key questions, plus anything else you can add. Will there ever be a better time for us to add to knowledge of the best railway in the world, as well as keeping in touch with the sights that we all love over a discussion with our friends?

All photographs will be posted with their existing iBase description and reference number. Our challenge to supporters is to improve each photograph by adding further detail, correcting errors, and filling in the knowledge gaps via the comments on Facebook. In particular we want every photo to have an agreed what3words coordinate, so that even with photographs of locations that have since been altered or lost, everyone can easily work out the position from which it was taken – or distinctive features within it. All discussions will be collated and the information used to edit the photograph labels in the online archive.

If you lose track, you will be able to find all photographs discussed so far, as we’ll be placing them in an album to keep them together.

If needed, you can zoom into the photograph further on the website, as they can be viewed in greater detail via the archive zoom. Simply visit , enter the iBase reference number into the search box, then click on the photo until you reach the level of magnification you require.

We’re excited to bring this project to your attention – and look forward to reading your comments on the photos we publish..!