On Friday October 8th. we were pleased to welcome Heritage Railway Association Director Steve Clews to the railway to present two awards.

We were honoured to be presented with the Coiley Locomotive Engineering Award for the restoration of our Large England locomotive Welsh Pony, in addition to the Runners-up award for external communications.

On Saturday June 27th 2020, Welsh Pony steamed for the first time in eighty years following an extensive rebuild by the skilled team at Boston Lodge Works. The challenges posed by the pandemic in the latter stages of the restoration were overcome, and the end result is a fine locomotive that has already proved to be a valuable addition to the fleet. We owe a debt of thanks to the many supporters of the railway who made donations enabling the restoration, and the volunteers who worked tirelessly to finish the job.

The pandemic also proved a challenge when it came to keeping our supporters informed of developments around the railway. Many of these supporters live away from the area, relying upon the internet for information. We’re proud to have been named runners-up for the external communications award, recognising our efforts to disseminate as much information as possible to interested parties.

Please visit the Heritage Railway Association website to discover more about the valuable work done by the organisation.