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March 17th 2012
Cob Widening Phase One now complete
Phase One of the £1.1 million project to redevelop the historic Porthmadog Harbour Station is now complete.
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March 15th 2012
2012 Timetables now online
Our 2012 Timetable Leaflets and Posters are now available on the website.
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March 8th 2012
Flat Stanley visits Porthmadog
Conor from Hengoed, South Wales, sent his friend Flat Stanley on a day out to the Ffestiniog Railway in Porthmadog.
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March 7th 2012
Shop News
Over the coming months we have some exciting new lines for the shops in prospect or already here.
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February 24th 2012
Welsh Highland services resume
After a record-breaking 2011, Welsh Highland trains begin running again this weekend, hauled by L&B replica Lyd and Single Fairlie Taliesin.
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February 21st 2012
Lyd meets Lew
Full-sized L&B replica Lyd has finally met up with its much smaller brother, Lew, at Boston Lodge Works.
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January 31st 2012
Seven days on the permanent way
Rest of the World Gang stalwart Mike Fisher reports on the team's latest working week, carrying out essential winter maintenance and a spot of cow rescue...
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January 29th 2012
Delivering telegraph poles to the WHHR... by rail
On Sunday last a Ffestiniog Railway works train travelled from Minffordd to Gelerts Farm carrying telegraph poles - a gift to the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway.
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January 24th 2012
Prince returns home
Prince - the oldest steam locomotive at the Ffestiniog Railway - has returned home following an extended visit to the Severn Valley Railway. It has been a star exhibit at The Engine House since last July.
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January 16th 2012
Check out our new video offerings on FRTV

UPDATED Daily video updates of the ongoing Cob widening work are now available on FRTV.

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January 13th 2012
Training railway workers on the F&WHR
This is the time of year that we try and get the track ready and upgraded for the forthcoming season. Where we attempt to get rid of those annoying temporary speed restrictions - areas where the ride might not be as smooth as we would like - and take care of all the things we can do to improve the ride quality for the paying customer and make things better for the loco crews.
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January 11th 2012
First rock delivered for Cob widening
The first load of the 25,000 tonnes of rock needed for the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway Cob Widening Project was delivered at 1250 today.
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