Unfortunately, we have had some disappointing news this morning…

The Welsh Highland Heritage Railway have announced that a last-minute problem has arisen with Baldwin ‘590’ which has left insufficient time to give the locomotive the attention it requires ahead of the ‘WHR100’ event.

So, sadly (and much to everyone’s immense regret) ‘590’ will not be able to complete its rostered turns this weekend. It will however, be on display thought the weekend at Gelert’s Farm.

Here is their statement:

BALDWIN ‘590’:

It is with considerable disappointment that despite much hard work by Welsh Highland Heritage Railway engineers, with input also from Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway colleagues, the re-incarnated Baldwin ‘WHR 590’ will not be able to appear hauling services at the WHR100 event as planned on 23rd, 24th and 25th June. The locomotive has encountered a technical issue with a driving wheel bearing during pre-event trials to Beddgelert, which cannot be rectified in time for the event.

The same timetable will be operated on all three days, but with Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway locomotives substituting for ‘WHR 590’ on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th, and Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway carriages substituting also on Sunday 25th. Russell will operate with Welsh Highland Heritage Railway carriages on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th, as planned.

At the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway, ‘WHR 590’ will be on display at Gelert’s Farm on all three days, and Gelert will be substituting on train services on Friday 23rd, alternating with a Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway locomotive as timetabled.