Diamond Jubilee Appeal Project Summary

Some of our key projects are listed below:

Porthmadog Harbour Station

A completely rebuilt station incorporating two new platforms together with redesigned track layout and signalling enabling the simultaneous use of the station by both Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland trains.

Caernarfon Station Building

The 3 million pound project to provide a new station at Caernarfon is now virtually complete. The new station will be open to the public in time for the start of daily services in 2019.

Minffordd Yard Developments

A significant number of new storage and operational buildings have been completed. Future phases include heritage tableaux and infrastructure train storage facilities.

Blaenau Ffestiniog Station

Along with Caernarfon, the station at Blaenau Ffestiniog is long overdue for a major facelift. Funds are needed to provide permanent buildings to form the booking office, shop and café.

Boston Lodge Works
New carriage and locomotive sheds

Completed: Provision of extra land, replacement of turnouts, land stabilisation work. Underway: New carriage sheds to be followed by loco sheds and restoration of historic buildings in the top yard.

Historic Building restoration and maintenance

Our historic buildings are an asset we must conserve for future generations. The process of restoring, rebuilding, and maintaining fine buildings is an expensive one and how long it takes depends entirely on the funds available.

Diesel locomotives - sufficient to have two large diesels on each railway

Diesel locos are vital for maintenance and rescue operations. Only one of our two large diesels is suitable for rescuing trains on the Ffestiniog and neither is powerful enough to haul a full length Welsh Highland train. We need something larger.

Ten carriages - completely rebuilt or newly constructed

The need for new carriages is urgent and the search for funds to build them is ongoing. Both railways need new carriages and we need them now. Carriages 120 and 152 have recently been completed, and 2152 is under construction.

Dinas - New loco running shed and extended carriage shed

Dinas carriage shed is too short for the train sets now in operation and it needs lengthening. We also need improved facilities for locomotive maintenance and preparation.

Intermediate station development

Work is needed at intermediate stations on both railways. Construction of the new building at Waunfawr is about to commence, and Beddgelert deserves the station facilities offered by a permanent, well-appointed building. The foundations are in place but work cannot continue until money becomes available.

Welsh Highland Railway signalling improvements

The Welsh Highland Railway has no telegraph wires or fibre optic cable, so an innovative internet-based system is being developed that will replace 'staff and ticket' working.


Caring for our surroundings - Preserving the ambience of the railways.