Caernarfon Station Building

Status - Project initiated and in development

The temporary buildings that occupy the site currently need to be replaced with something better to match the magnificent railway with a superb terminal at Porthmadog.

Caernarfon is a principal gateway to the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways. To date we have relied on the most basic of facilities to operate our services. Working in close partnership with CADW, Gwynedd, Caernarfon Harbour Trust and other community groups there is a plan to regenerate the whole waterfront area. Some basic improvements have already been made and now work is focussed on fundraising for the project which will include a new station as a centrepiece.

The station will need to cope with up to two hundred people at departure / arrival times. The intention is create an iconic building which will provide a strong heritage focus with facilities to tell the story of both the waterfront and railways.

Once completed the new station is intended to provide a platform for growth in traffic by providing first class facilities which can pick up on traffic accessing the line from the North Wales coast and North West of England via the A55 Expressway.

Update - December 2016

The old buildings have been removed, and work on the site will commence this winter. The first jobs will be to relocate the main sewer, and make adjustments to the track layout.

Caernarfon Station - December 2016: