Boston Lodge Works - New Carriage and locomotive sheds

Completed: Provision of extra land, replacement of turnouts, land stabilisation work.
Underway: New carriage sheds to be followed by loco sheds and restoration of historic buildings in the top yard.

Boston Lodge is the oldest working railway works in the world, where locomotives and carriages have been built and maintained in three centuries. The tight confines of the woks, built on the site of one of the quarries used to build the Cob Embankment, mean that space is at a premium.

Work is urgently needed to provide adequate storage for carriages and locos - especially to provide storage and preparation facilities for Garratt locomotive too large to be housed in the existing sheds.

The long term plan is to turn Boston Lodge into a workshop fit for the needs of the longest heritage railway in the UK in the 21st Century and beyond, while maintaining its important heritage. This will be no small task, but we have the design expertise in-house to make it a reality when funding permits.

Update - November 2018

The New access ramp has now been completed, as has the new heritage carriage shed. New turnouts have been installed in the yard. Work to upgrade the sewage system and management of waste water that is discharged from the site has also been completed. We now turn our attention to the construction of new carriage sheds on the ground that has already been prepared.

Land reclamation work in preparation for new carriage shed:

New access ramp:

Tracklaying outside heritage carriage shed: