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July 15th 2009

K1's 100th Birthday Celebration…

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry are hosting a 'Great Garratt Gathering' (13th -16th August)' at which our loco - the first locomotive of this type - will be the star of the show. The event is organised to mark the start of the long production run of this truly British invention, which ended up being exported all over the world where its hauling capacity was fully exploited in developing countries.

Beyer, Peacock - the manufacturers who held the rights to production from the outset - were a great Manchester firm. Some of their archive materials, plus full size locos and scale models showing some of the output from the works, will also be on show.

A visit to this exhibition will introduce those who have not seen this type of locomotive before to at least three different full size types on display. If, after that, your appetite has been whetted, you can visit the Welsh Highland Railway on the North Wales coast. You will see ‘K1’ and its more modern sisters in action on our newly extended line which runs through the heart of the Snowdonia National Park, offering the challenging gradients these engines were designed for.

The show will give visitors the rare chance to come up onto the footplate to meet some of the crew. It will also give you the opportunity to talk to the team who spent ten years restoring the loco to the condition you see it in. Lectures and film shows will give guests the chance to learn more about one of Britain's best loco exports.

Make sure you put the dates in your diary and come to Manchester and see ‘K1’ on her return visit - exactly 100 years after construction - to her birthplace.

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