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September 19th 2011

King of the Hill: Peoples' Choice

The clear winner for King of the Hill was Garratt NG/G16 143 with 27% of the votes cast and the runner up was the Hunslet pairing of Linda and Blanche with 13%.

The loco putting on the most impressive performance also went to Linda and Blanche with 25% of the vote. Runner up was the DHR B Class.

The award for best sound saw a runaway winner in the B Class with 50% of all votes cast. Linda & Blanche, 143 and 87 tied for second place.

The smartest crew award saw a tie for first place between Linda & Blanche and the B Class, with 143 in second place.

30% of voters reckoned that Lyd, in its new green livery, was the most attractive loco, with the B Class as the runner up.

The award for best prepared loco again saw Lyd in first place with 38% of the vote, with the Penrhyn Ladies taking the silver.

Congratulations to the winner of the prize draw, Martin Dowse, who will be receiving his King of the Hill headboard in the next few days.

208 votes were received, our thanks to all those who took part.

Lyd: Attractive
Linda & Blanche: Impressive
DHR 19B: Loudest
Garratt 143: King of the Hill

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