October 30th and 31st : Ffestiniog Railway Halloween Trains

This year's Halloween Trains on the Ffestiniog Railway are being organised and run by 'The Starlight Players' -  a vibrant and creative amateur theatre group, based in Criccieth, who have been producing quality entertainment since 1974, including pantomimes, plays and musicals.

PineappleThe two evenings will take the form of a Halloween Murder Mystery, with the entertainment starting at 18:00 in Spooner's Café-Bar, Harbour Station, before joining a train to Tan-y-Bwlch Station where further developments in the Murder Mystery will unfold.

The evening is suitable for all the family, but beware - there may (will) be Witches and Warlocks, Spells and Sorcery, Magic and Mystery...

PineappleTicket Prices (including train fare and food at Tan-y-Bwlch)
Adult £23.00
Child (10-15yrs) £18.25
Child (under 10yrs) £15

Available online or by phone on 01766 516024

(Go here for Welsh Highland Railway Halloween Trains from Caernarfon)


As a witch or warlock of bad repute and ill-standing, you are invited to attend the election of the next Supreme Witch.

Lady Purple, the current Supreme Witch, is well past her sell-by date as her spells and curses are more like soggy squibs.

Make sure you are at Spooner's Café-Bar in Harbour Station, Porthmadog at 18:00, dressed appropriately (if you want to) as a member of the coven you belong to. They are…

Lady Purple - The probably past-it Supreme Witch (but you never know) Her purple coven leads the way in foretelling, augury, soothsaying, prognostication and fortune-telling.

Lady Silver - Her chilly presence can reverse global warming and freeze your heart.

Lady Red    - All about the heat, those fires in the Amazon, just keep her toes warm.

Lady Yellow - Disease and pestilence, she can make you ill just by looking at her.

Lady Green - Toxic, and proud, nothing better than an oil spill and contamination.

Lady Blue - Misery and despair, never happier than when the world isn’t.

Lady Black - The first rule about Lady Black is that nobody talks about Lady Black.

Lady Beige - Secretary to the Council and would give timid mice a bad name.

The Lord Magus, High Warlock and his trusty assistant Igor are going to be there to see foul play...

Join the coven of your colour or preference; wear something to let others know how proud you are, but you may be tempted to change allegiance if you get the right offer..!

More information available from the Booking Office on 01766 516024.