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May 12th 2014
(Posted in: News)
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Station change - Penrhyn is now a request stop
Passengers should note that the Penrhyn Station is now a request stop.

Using request stops:

We are happy for you to use our request stops but you must tell the train crew you want to use the station.


Getting on – as soon as you see the train approaching, make a clear signal to the driver to let him know you want him to stop by sticking out your hand (like catching a bus). He will probably give you a short toot of acknowledgement. Don’t assume he will automatically stop as walkers often sit and watch the trains go by.

Getting off – seek out the guard before you board the train and tell them that you wish to alight at your chosen station. Some of our request stops have very short platforms so you may need to sit in a specific carriage.

Request Stops – Ffestiniog Railway

Boston Lodge
Plas Halt



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