W.D. 4-6-0 1215 to star at Hunslet 125

March 5th 2018

A locomotive type not seen running in the UK in fifty-six years will be one of the stars of the show at Hunslet 125 this coming June.

Update: Regrettably we have to advise that W.D. 1215 will now not be able to attend the event. Despite herculean efforts by the team restoring the locomotive, it is not yet ready to make it's first public appearance. We wish them good luck in getting the locomotive finished as soon as possible.

155 Locomotives were built by Hunslet for the war effort in a period of just over three years making them one of the most numerous narrow gauge types. After the war they saw further service all over the world. A few of the locomotives were used in the UK, none of which survived.

Following the repatriation of locomotive No1215 from Australia, the War Office Locomotive Trust team have painstakingly rebuilt the locomotive including building a new boiler.

The results of all this effort are simply amazing as you will be able to see first-hand at the Hunslet 125 event where locomotive 1215 will join 'Linda' and 'Blanche' as they celebrate their 125th birthday. The event aims to bring together a considerable number of Hunslet locomotives with a special emphasis on the unusual and rarely seen.

Paul Lewin, General Manager comments:

“We are particularly pleased to welcome 1215 at our event. It is quite poignant that a locomotive built to serve in the trenches in the first world war should be present not only for us to enjoy but also acting as an important reminder of the events of a hundred years ago.”

Ian Hughes of the War office locomotive trust comments:

“After the long haul of fund raising and restoration we are delighted that we can look forward to seeing our locomotive in steam at a number of events this year. Hunslet 125 offers the prospect of dozens of comparisons with other Hunslets large and small.”

1215 will appear as part of the Hunslet 125 event and will then go on to run longer solo trips on Monday June 25th. These will form a separate event.

It should be stressed that the hard work of our organising team is continuing, and their efforts to secure further interesting Hunslet locomotives continues. To date we have made significant progress, and will make further announcements as and when formal agreements are in place.

Advance Rover Tickets for Hunslet 125 can be bought on line here.

Tickets for the proposed special trains hauled by 1215 on Monday June 25th are expected to be released in the spring but you can register now here to receive advance notification of ticketing information. Tickets for these trains are certain to be in high demand.