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January 5th 2015

New look for Boston Lodge

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For the first time, it will be possible to store all locomotives - Garratts included - under cover and under cover loco preparation will become the norm.

The site will also feature a new carriage shed on the seaward side, offering weatherproof storage for two ten car sets of 13 metre carriages.

The existing carriage shed on 13 and 14 road will be dismantled and relocated below the cliffs at the rear of the site to provide storage for heritage carriages and a new three road loco prep shed will enable two Double Fairlies and a smaller loco to be prepped for use simultaneously.

The new carriage shed will enable full WHR sets to be stored under cover and an extension to the 14 road inspection pit will enable more carriages to be examined and maintained while minimising the need to move the set.

New ashing out pits will be provided and a travelling crane will enable Garratt boilers to be removed for maintenance in the erecting shop. All entrance doors to sheds will meet the WHR loading gauge and it will be possible to house up to three NG/G16s under cover.

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The designs shown are preliminary designs and the final layout will blend into the environment as much as possible. The initial stages of the work will cover road access, surface water drainage and sewage and will take place in the next 12 months.

It should be stressed that a phased approach to the development will be taken, with work only starting when funding has been secured.

Minffordd developments
Meanwhile, at Minffordd Yard, in addition to the new Waggon Tracks Shed, which will store our collection of historic slate waggons, a new workshop, store and staff mess building is to be erected.

The design for this is nearly finalised and work is due to start in early 2015. There will be space to store patterns, marketing materials and PWay materials, together with an S&T workshop.

Work is due to start in early 2015 and the shell of the new building should be complete in late summer, when there will be an appeal for a big volunteer effort to complete the fitting out of the interior.

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