Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways

December 6th 2011

Santas Stroll right in to Spooner’s

Eyebrows, cameras and smiles were raised as they Ho-Ho-Hoed through town, especially as three of them were on horseback! Ho yes, Dasher, Dancer and Prancer came too, their tinsel-festooned antlers glinting as they trotted along.

The Sponsored Santa Stroll started at Ganolfan Porthmadog Leisure Centre, visited Gelert for a photo-call and then paraded through the town, out across the cob via the cycle path down to the old toll booth.

The strolling Santas came back across cob via the railway path, whilst the mounted Santas gave rein to their horses along the cycle path. They all came back together opposite Spooner’s for a final photo-call and into Spooner’s where they watched the Rugby, washed down, of course, by a glass of Spooner’s Cheer!

The “reindeer”, you’ll be glad to hear, trotted back home for their very own refreshments!

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