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Inside Motion is the internal newsletter of the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways and aims to keep our employees, volunteers and supporters up to date.

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Railway Diary...
November 25th-26th FR Waggon Tracks Shed Working Party
March 24th-25th FR Megabash
Area Group Meetings...
November 7th EAG-FR AGM + 37 Years Down The Tube/ FR 1960's to date - Alex Spring
November 11th HANSAG Structures and Bridges on the WHR - Graham Cole
November 12th BAG Ian Rudd - American Railroads, Large and not so Large
December 5th EAG-FR The History of the Bedford and Cambridge Railway. Stephen Owen
December 9th HANSAG Christmas social and entertainment
January 2nd EAG-FR The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway - Peter van Zeller
January 13th HANSAG A modern model railway - Ted Stephens
February 1st BAG Gordon Young from the Bristol Civic Society, 'Through ticket to New York'
February 6th EAG-FR 1978-40 Years Ago/ From Potters Bar to Poplar Dock - Allan Sibley
February 10th HANSAG Baltic Trams - David Lusby
March 6th EAG-FR The FR from Old Photographs - Part 1 Portmadoc Harbour & Station - Adrian Gray
March 10th HANSAG Group AGM
March 15th BAG Keith Strickland, 'In Search of Steam - Reflections on 40 years of World Travel'
April 3rd EAG-FR Members' Evening
April 19th BAG Alex Spring, FR Infrastructure Manager 'Infrastructure - London Underground and the FR' plus the Group AGM
BAG - Bristol Area Group - Meetings held at BAWA Centre at Filton, Bristol BS34 7RF - 7.45pm
HANSAG - Hants & Sussex Area Group - Meetings held at The Physic Garden, 16 The High Street, Petersfield.
GAG - Gwynedd Area Group - Meetings held at Madog Yacht Club, Porthmadog - 7.30pm.
DMAG - Dee & Mersey Area Group - Meetings at The Cross Keys, 2 Duke St., Chester, 7.40pm.
EAG-WHR - East Anglia Group - Meetings at the Six Bells Pub, 9 High Street, Fulbourn, Cambridge CB21 5DH.
EAG-FR - East Anglia Group - Meetings at The Oddfellows, 131 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB5 8HA.
NSG - North Staffs Group - Meetings at Newcastle Conservative Club, Merrial St., Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs ST5 2AW.
WRG - Ffestiniog Railway Society White Rose Group - Oxford Place Methodist Centre, Oxford Place, Leeds. LS1 3AX
WHRNW - WHR Society - North Wales Group - Mountain Rangers Football & Social Club, Rhosgadfan, 7.30
WMID-WHR - WHR Society - West Midlands Group - Dennis Carson Room, Dame Elizabeth Hall, Firbank Close, Bournville, Birmingham B30 1UA